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How Aging Affects Joint Health & Function

How Aging Affects Joint Health & FunctionDid you know that changes to your joints, muscles and connective tissue are a natural part of the aging process?

The ingredients in Trevinol can help reduce the damage from natural aging and help to support and maintain healthy joint function, maintain proper circulation and reduce fatigue and discomfort.

Your body has more than 200 joints, ranging from the small ones in your fingers to large joints such as your knees. On a basic level, a joint is the place where two bones meet.

Tendons are fibrous connective tissue which attach muscle to bone. Ligaments are fibrous connective tissue which attach bone to bone. Both can become less flexible and weaker, as we age.

Synovial Joints (including the knee, hip, and shoulder) are surrounded by collagen, have an inner membrane that secretes a lubricating fluid, and contain cartilage, which pads the ends of the bones. Each of these components are also susceptible to aging.

Regular, low impact Eccentric Exercise, a healthy diet, maintaining normal body weight and taking Trevinol, on a regular basis, can support healthy aging of your joints and connected tissue.*

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