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Plastics - Reduce, Reuse and Recycle

Plastics - Reduce, Reuse and RecycleWe use plastics in virtually every aspect of our daily lives. We use it to carry our beverages, hold our shampoos, and keep our fruits and vegetables fresh. According to recent studies, humans are consuming resources and producing plastic waste at a greater scale than ever before, and per capita consumption levels are projected to increase with continued development.

Data indicates that during the 20th century, global material resource use rose at about twice the rate of population growth. No doubt, plastic is everywhere. We love it because it is shatter proof, relatively cheap, durable, waterproof and really versatile. Itís here to stay, because plastic makes our lives incredibly convenient, disposable, and easy.

Unfortunately, most people rarely think about the effects it has on the environment. Unlike other materials, it never really goes away. There are ways you can help reduce the impact of plastic in our lives, and in the lives of future generations.

Hereís How You Can Help

The most effective way to reduce plastic pollution is to not create plastics in the first place. You might be surprised on how little thought you devote to your plastic use. The straw in your water at a sit-down restaurant, your deodorant tube, extra plastic bags for your produce, and even the plastic wrap your sandwich comes in can be avoided with enough planning, or simply just asking to skip the plastic packaging.

If you are like most people, itís difficult to make it through your day without acquiring some form of plastic! Thatís where reuse comes in. Once the plastic is in your possession, it is your chance to be creative and find different usages for it. Reuse plastic produce bags for sandwiches, plastic grocery bags for small trash bags, and re-use your plastic silverware!

After you have reused your plastic as many times as you can and are ready to dispose of it, choose the Recycling container instead of the trash. Recycling plastic takes 70% less energy than making plastic from raw materials. It produces 80% less carbon emissions and it does not require any new oil. Sure it can be a hassle to clean your peanut butter jar to recycle it rather than tossing it in the trash, but the impact is vastly different and the choice is yours!

At Landis Revin, we support efforts to Reduce, Reuse and Recycle plastic.

Enough people taking these simple steps can help reduce plastic pollution and keep our planet clean and healthy for future generations.