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Selected as Amazonís Choice For Health and Personal Care

Selected as Amazonís Choice For Health and Personal CareAmazon's Choice recommends Highly Rated Products with Proven Performance.

We are proud to announce that Trevinol was selected for Amazon's Choice in the category of Health and Personal Care.

To receive such recognition, the seller must have demonstrated to Amazon a history of excellent customers ratings, provide outstanding service and be available across all Amazon platforms, including mobile and Echo.

Trevinol consists of a clinically developed Proprietary Blend of systemic enzymes, including Serrapeptase, Nattokinase, Bromelain and proteolytic enzymes, plus, LactoSpore and proven antioxidants. Many healthcare professionals believe that a healthy inflammation response is the key to maintaining health and wellness.

Why are Enzymes Important?

Most people are familiar with the digestive enzymes found in the stomach and intestines; they process the various foods we eat. However, other types of enzymes are reaction-causing agents which make breathing, growth, healing and other body functions possible.

Enzymes more than just sustain life, they are catalysts for virtually every biological and chemical reaction in the body. Without enzymes, life itself could not exist. As we age however, our own enzyme production significantly diminishes. The enzymes we need to maintain healthy joints, a strong immune system, good circulation and overall balanced well-being are less available.

As we begin to mature and these enzyme levels decline, we become subject to enzyme deficiency. This can lead to wide variety of health problems, including unhealthy amounts of fibrin accumulating in our joints, our blood and veins and throughout our system.

Trevinolģ contains vegetable derived enzymes which are readily bioavailable and may be chemically more effective than our bodies own natural enzymes. The enzymes found in Trevinolģ were developed to promote joint health and comfort by maintaining normal levels of inflammation response. This unique enzyme blend works throughout the body on cellular debris for a healthy, regulated inflammation response. Maintaining normal fibrin levels may moderate the impact of fibrin buildup.*

Landis Revin Nutraceuticals is committed to deliver the highest quality nutritional products and excellent customer service to our customers and Healthcare Professionals worldwide. We are honored to receive such recognition.